NON-censored marketing for naturists!

Censorship is, by definition, the bane of any freedom. This applies to marketing contexts, the same as any other. While humankind appears to be unable to function without rules and laws to protect people from harm, the naked human body is a harmless thing and needs to be recognized as such. In online marketing too.

Google and Facebook are the giants of the online advertising world, and they strictly enforce draconian corporate policies against nudity in any form. This is simply the effect of the puritan concern with money over pleasure. Let it be known that we’re not against money, and that we are all for nudity and the more the better. Let it also be known that we take great pleasure in providing a dedicated naturist marketing platform for the community.

Our remit here is to provide a non-censored marketing platform for the non-sexual naked human body, and at the same time to feedback financial and networking resources to the naturist community. Make a stand for your naturist marketing, and COME OUT NAKED!